RenaiDance (2020)

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Animated short film

Finalist - Student Academy Awards - 2021.png

Our Team


Zhike Yang: Creative Director

Wenjie Wu: Techincal Director

Han Chen Chang: Creative Producer


“RenaiDance” is a 3D narrative animation. The theme is about cultural heritage and the integration of dreams, courage, and culture as transformation. By interpreting “inheritance” through the Chinese-artistic style and the emotional story, this film is about strong family love and elder culture in a never-ending chain.


Character Modeling

and Look Development

Embroidery Texture R&D


Creating photo-realistic embroidery patterns in 3D has always been a big challenge. Due to the massive application of embroidery textures on the cloth, fabrics. and props in our short film, we created a special procedure pipeline in Substance Designer, which allows texture artists to generate PBR embroidery textures simply based on an image provided by the concept artist.