The Journey (2017)

Award Winning

Animated short film

iClone/Character Creator

A film for the pre-contest of Asiagraph Reallusion AWARD 2017 。 
It was fully created within 48 hours of limited time as a rule of this competition。

A precious journey not only broaden people’s eyesight, but also helped them recognize themselves. They might find where they belonged in this huge world. 
However, Terry lost his direction in a journey named life. In this journey there were neither partners nor guidelines, but only his own shadow accompanied with him day and night. Who could guide him and offer him a shelter like a lush tree to have a rest?

My parts in this film was lighting, rendering, character modeling and texturing.

Special thanks to my teammate Chia Tse Kuo for the amazing work he did.

Awards and Exhibitions

Finallist  Asiagraph Reallusion Awards 2017