Tang Hu Lu (2017)

Award Winning

Animated short film

iClone/Character Creator

An animated short film I create for  the final contest ASIAGRAPH REALLUSION AWARD 2017.

It was fully created with 48 hours as the rule of the contest.

My job is lighting and rendering, cinematography, Character Modeling and storyboard.

Tang Hu Lu is not only a type of traditional Chinese candy ,but also a precious memory for many people grew up in China. The idea of the movie is inspired by the strong relationship between Tang Hu Lu and people who remenber it.The story happened in a small town with the architecture in classic Chinese style .Through the screenplay,we attempt to portray emotions with reality in the perspective of a poet or painter. In fact, if we can remember and hold our original wills, even a little bit, each of us have the chance to regain the happiness of childhood, and get back the Tang Hu Lu deep in the memory.

Special thanks to my teammate Chia Tse Kuo for the amazing work he did.

Still frames

The images below are the still frames with higher quality of the shots I re-rendered after the contest.

Awards and Exhibitions

Best Director  Asiagraph Reallusion Awards 2017

SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 Exhibition, Thailand 

AISAGRAPH 2017, Japan