Gone With the World (2018)

Award Winning

Animated short film

Maya/Substance Painter/Substance Designer/Xgen/Arnold/Nuke

Gone WIth the World is my last thesis project in my undergraduate school,

Life is like a big ocean, humans is just like a drifting bottle, floating on the ocean, traveling around the world.

This is how the story begin.


During the production of this short film, My parts is all the  lighting and compositing, in the meanwhile I also did some of the storyboard, modeling, texturing , shading, fur grooming, and ocean simulation.

Thanks to my teammates Chi Chun Yang, Hsin Lu, Chun Kai Chang, Chia Tse Kuo and Yi Ling Yeh for the amazing job they did. 

Lighting and Compositing

The images below are still frames I selected from the final movie.

Environment Texturing

The texture I created for a city scene, including the final render result and the texturing work for each props and buildings. There're also breakdowns of texturing look development in substance designer.

Fur Grooming

In this project, I groom the fur assets for the two main character Beak the crow and Babe the polar bear.

Here are the breakdowns of what I did.


Embodying the movement of the Ocean is sometimes a challenging work, in this project I used both Bifrost and BOSS to simulate the movement of the ocean water, water splash and foams.

The video below is the breakdown of one shot , in which I did the simulation of water splashes on the ocean surface.


This short films contains two different stories. I'm in charge of the storyboard of the second part of the film, Here is the first version I drew.


Poster and Awards